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One of the more difficult decisions a person must make is his or her selection of law firms to represent him or her in a divorce or other family law proceeding. Whether you are facing a contentious divorce or a bitter custody battle, at Sonoran Law Group, our experienced Scottsdale family law attorneys have the skills and expertise to fight for a resolution that will be in your best interests as well as the best interests of your family.

To most people, child custody (legal decision making) and parenting time issues are crucial. What a Court decides now may have an impact on custody and parenting time orders until your children reach the age of majority or graduate from high school. Your divorce proceedings will also include the division of all property and other financial assets. If your attorney does not assist you in identifying all of your property rights, you could stand to lose a great deal. You may jeopardize your future by underestimating the need for qualified legal counsel.

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At Sonoran Law Group, our Scottsdale family law attorneys are dedicated to providing personalized attention and serving the needs of our clients. We realize that every family and every marriage is filled with ‘special’ circumstances and situations. Our reliable attorneys and staff treat each case as unique and provide the right amount of individual professionalism required to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Sonoran Law Group is committed to communicating with its clients on a timely basis. The firm provides copies of all Court documents to its clients promptly. If a client has questions, Sonoran Law Group makes it a priority to respond to such questions at the first available opportunity. This may be done by telephone, in-person or e-mail. Sonoran Law Group attorneys use secure high-speed Internet services and prioritize client communications.

Experienced Divorce and Family Law Attorneys: Our trusted divorce and family law attorneys have the experience necessary to quickly understand our clients’ needs and potential solutions. At Sonoran Law Group, our experienced family law lawyers provide focused and aggressive divorce and family law representation in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and throughout Maricopa County.

In striving to provide the highest degree of service, professionalism, and integrity, we offer a large variety of representation options to our clients. For example, you can choose from full-service divorce or family law representation, limited representation, mediation, pay-as-you-go consultation services, and many more options designed to meet your specific needs.

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Choosing the right family law firm for you is a critical decision and should be made only after fully informing yourself of your alternatives. If you have any questions concerning your legal issues, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (480) 477-8040 today.

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